Scientific programme

Besides the invited keynotes, the LaP2024 meeting will include organized symposia related to the special theme “Spatial cognition“, and free papers on various aspects of learning and plasticity presented as posters. Note that besides the congress presentations, the meeting provides ample opportunities for informal scientific discussions amongst the participants.

Five confirmed symposia:

  • Cognitive maps, from space to concepts (organizer Luca Rinaldi)
  • Sharpening spatial cognition through participation in aesthetic experiences and implications for healthy aging (organizers Mariya M. Vodyanyk & Susanne M. Jaeggi)
  • Spatial cognition in language and reading: Brain, eye-tracking, and cognitive studies (organizers Paavo Leppänen &, Susannah Otieno-Leppänen)
  • Consolidation of spatial memories during sleep (organizer Miriam Nokia)
  • Virtual reality in neuroscience and clinical research of spatial cognition (organizer Juha Salmi)

The detailed conference program will be available later.