General info


We have again reserved rooms for a special price from the congress hotel, Lapland Hotels Äkäshotelli, for the period April 14 – April 17, 2024 (including surrounding dates before and after the meeting).

The 2024 prices are as follows (valid until March 14, 2024):

  • Log cabin for one person 125 euros / night
  • Log cabin for two persons 135 euros / night
  • Holiday apartment with one bedroom, living room & kitchen, and sauna 138-148 euros / 1-2 persons / night
  • Holiday apartment with two bedrooms, living room & kitchen, and sauna 173 euros / for 2 persons / night
  • Additional persons to apartments 25 euros / person / night

All of the options above include a hearty breakfast, free evening entry to the hotel restaurant featuring live artists, and the common gym and sauna facilities & a pool. Bedlinen and final cleaning are included and also firewood for the fireplace.

We have also reserved rooms at the nearby Hotel Ylläskaltio for the period April 14 – April 17, 2024 (including surrounding dates before and after the meeting). Ylläskaltio room prices (including own sauna and breakfast; valid until March 14, 2024):

  • 1 person 99 €/ night
  • 2 persons 109 €/ night

The congress participants should do their hotel booking via the Äkäshotelli website at

or via the Ylläskaltio hotel website at

Use the code ALLLAP24 (please note the three L’s) to be able to book for the special prices listed above. If you need an invoice e.g. for your university, please be in touch with the hotel directly.

You can be in contact with Äkäshotelli or Ylläskaltio either by email ( or or by phone (Äkäshotelli +358 16 553300 or Ylläskaltio +358 16 552 000).

DO NOT MAKE YOUR HOTEL BOOKING VIA ANY OTHER WEBSITE THAN THE ONE LISTED ABOVE! The hotel will send you an advance invoice via email about a week before the start of the booking.

For a presentation of the hotels and their services, see


Ylläs is located 150 km north of the Arctic Circle in Finnish Lapland, in Scandinavia. Our meeting will take place in one of the villages in the Ylläs area, namely the Äkäslompolo village that is located on the northern side of the Ylläs Fell. The address of the meeting venue Äkäshotel is Äkäsentie 10.

Please make sure to check the connections and make your bookings early.

  • By train from Helsinki: Board the sleeping wagon of the night train in the evening, and in the morning you arrive at the Kolari train station which is the final destination. Timetables and bookings can be made at the National Railways (VR) website: The Kolari train station is 35 km from Ylläs and there is a bus connection for each train. This is a nice and the most environmentally-friendly travel alternative.
  • By plane from Helsinki: From the Kittilä airport there is a bus connection to Ylläs (55 kilometres / 50 min to Äkäslompolo village). See the following website for bus information: It is also possible to pick up a taxi from the Kittilä airport.


The following website gives information on the Ylläs area and its various activities (including weather conditions, skiing centres, ski rental, restaurants, reindeer safaris, snowmobiling, ice swimming, etc.):

Due to the limited number of places, we urge you to make your travel and hotel arrangements in good time! 

In the current uncertain circumstances, it is wise to take a cancellation insurance for your trip.