Learning and Plasticity - LaP2023


Learning and Plasticity - LaP2023

Besides the invited presentation by Professor Matt Lambon-Ralph, the Lap2023 meeting will include organized symposia related to the special theme ”Language learning, recovery, and treatment”, and free papers on various aspects of learning and plasticity presented as posters. Note that besides the congress presentations, the meeting provides ample opportunities for informal scientific discussions amongst the participants.


Confirmed symposia:

Plasticity in the recovery from aphasia

Organizer: Tali Bitan

Going beyond the classic left-hemispheric language functions: Music, singing and bilaterality in aphasia rehabilitation

Organizer: Teppo Särkämö

Aphasia research in 2023 – Translational research, evidence from clinical trials and pandemic challenges

Organizer: Marcus Meinzer

Children’s speech and language development in Finnish cohort studies

Organizer: Elina Mainela-Arnold

Bilingualism and acquired disorders: language recovery, treatment, and control

Organizer: Minna Lehtonen